Wine maker and artist.  It takes four years to make a barrel, with oak from French forests, where it has been growing for over 100 years.  Yet after four years of wine making, the barrels are usually sold off for next to nothing, or even worse, broken down and used for firewood!  So the pleasure in looking at Jean-Michel's work, comes not only from the fact that it just makes you feel better, there is the knowledge that these beautiful woods have been turned into something even more purposeful than a barrel holding Burgundy wine.





 Fine technical drawing skills (she studied the techniques of the Dutch and Italian Masters). Living and working in Nuits St Georges, since 2000 Joyce has devoted herself to developing an Art associated with the vines and the winemaking process in her native Burgundy.

Each year since 2005 she has been invited into many of the most important Domaines in Burgundy, to capture the first fermentation of the juice in the vats, and the work in the cuverie.  A wonderful array of colour and talking point over a glass of Burgundy!