DOMAINE HENRI rebourseau, Gevrey CHambertin


Henri Rebourseau


The Domaine


la Brunelle - one of the most beautiful properties on the Cote de Nuits.  A large and imposing chateau from the 18c, sitting in its own park, with its own chapel, and surrounded by centuries old trees. The estate could easily be mistaken for a Chateau in the Medoc, were it not for the fact that it is right in the centre of Gevrey Chambertin. 

The History

The estate traces its history to 1782, but the story really takes hold in 1918, when General Rebourseau, the then proprietor, returned from the Allied front in the Great War, and took control, moving the Domaine to La Brunelle. 


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The Vines 

With Five Grands Crus, including Chambertin, Clos de Beze, Mazy Chambertin and Clos de Vougeot, the estate holds one of the best hands on the Cote de Nuits, rivalled only be Rousseau, Trapet and Camus.  It also boasts two Premier Crus, including the delightful Fonteny which sits just behind Les Deux Chevres, and four village appellations, the latter largely in whole plots, and two of which surround the front of the property and stretch down to the Route National.  An ‘embarrassment of riches’, could be the phrase which springs to mind


Working organically since 2007, the wines are ‘vins de garde’, ie wines made to keep.  It is one of the few properties on the Cote, which still has stocks of old vintages in its cellars.  


The estate is now managed by Jean de Surrel, the great grandson of the General, aided by his two sons Louis, pictured, and his brother ——. Louis is in charge of commercialising the wines, and ——— works the vines and cuverie. Another generation in a family history.

Tasting Notes

Because the wines are made in a relatively austere style, they can be difficult to taste when young, before the tannins soften and integrate.  However our recent experience with the Mazy 2014, and village 2016, revealed great fruit, and suggest a fine future.




Louis de Surrel explains the different characteristics of the vineyards owned by the Domaine