Absent material ambition, instead of studying law, which was mostly as dull as dishwater, I would happily have lost myself in the history of Wales, its famous warrior Prince Owain Glyndwr, and other heroes of the Land of my Fathers.  However, added to the ambition, was a subliminal message from the chapel pulpit, that work was work, the rewards sweetened by sacrifice; whereas the study of history was thinly disguised escapism, if not self indulgent fantasy.  Well, 40 years on, and much legal dishwater down the sink, I silence the preacher each morning by cooking the eggs for our guests at Les Deux Chevres in Gevrey Chambertin; and then wander off to a land of medieval monks and 2,000 years of wine making, right on our doorstep.  The fantasy generally enhanced by an indulgent glass of Gevrey Chambertin at lunchtime - bien sur! 😀  Welcome to our Blog which contains short stories about Pre Revolutionary France, ancient and famous wine estates, Guides to Burgundy, and much, much more!